Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Too good to be true?

A few years back I was the blogger for "," which sadly, died a slow death. But that death may have been premature, to say the least.

Seems that the "deal" Fremont had worked out with the Wolff might not happen, and there is once again talk of the dream: A major league baseball team in San Jose, the A's to be specific.
Speculation that the Oakland A's might abandon plans to move to Fremont by 2012 — and resume a San Jose dalliance that all but died two years ago — flared to life Monday. That day, the A's released a letter from baseball commissioner Bud Selig that some read as clearing away the issue of the Giants' territorial rights. Selig's office on Wednesday did not return a message from the Mercury News.
So, I thought I would try to start up this blog again, if only to see who out there still shares that elusive dream of watching a major league team play in our backyard.

You can still see the old Baseball San Jose site by clicking here (just an archive of the old site), take a look and join me here as we discuss how we might work together to bring our dream home.