Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Mark Purdy: "San Jose. Of course."

Mark Purdy (San Jose Mercury) today writes:
The next move is Major League Baseball's move. Otherwise, the A's may never move to the place where they needed to move years ago:

San Jose. Of course.

Tuesday's news was no shock. A's owner Lew Wolff officially announced that he has "ceased" his plans for a ballpark project in Fremont. (New motto: City Of Angry Neighbors Who Hate Baseball.) It merely confirmed last week's reports that the team and Fremont had fallen out of love.
And yes, we do have some work, including the territorial rights that are a road block, but according to Purdy those rights may not be that hard of an obstacle to overcome:
As I have noted, those "territorial rights" do not "belong" to the Giants. Those "rights" are the property of Major League Baseball, which permits the Giants to claim them. But the "rights" can be overturned with one swift vote by MLB owners.
There are other cities, including Portland and Sacramento that are possible locations for the A's, but neither of these locations measure up to the possibilities that San Jose can offer.

San Jose has the land available to build a stadium downtown, complete with amble public transportation. Additionally, the downtown location would create a huge amount of pre and post game activity for all of the surrounding businesses, not to mention the jobs that would be created with the building and staffing of said stadium.

Are we ready, finally, to move forward? Time will tell, but you can certainly help get the word out by becoming a follower of this blog, and also joining the facebook group, "Baseball San Jose."

Time to play ball San Jose.


  1. I'm still here Jacquie! Anthony Dominguez (aka Tony D.). Been blogging and keeping hope alive over at Rhamesis Muncada's blog. R.M. (Marinelayer) has done an excellent job keeping the flame lit on the A's ballpark quest. And as usual, Mark Purdy is the man! While the news of the day is exciting, we're not there yet. But it is great that hope for a San Jose ballpark is alive and well! LET'S DO THIS THING!

  2. Hey there Anthony : ) Glad to see that you all have been keeping things alive, I have a facebook group too, don't forget to join that as well.

    I heard Mayor Reed on KCBS today, and he says he is working on bringing MLB to San Jose, which is GREAT news : )

  3. If they were smart they would share the new stadium. That would give the A's a new appreciated home and allow the Giants to bring their AAA league team closer to home. Double revenue.

  4. Anonymous - If the A's move to San Jose, the SJ Giants will leave, and no AAA team will come here. No major league city also hosts a minor league team. The SJ Giants wouldn't be able to sustain a fan base competing with a major league team.


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