Thursday, February 26, 2009

The winds of change

Our San Jose leaders have once again started to gather and work on bringing MLB to San Jose:

A day after the Oakland A's cut off relocation talks with Fremont, San Jose's elected officials and community leaders jumped to work Wednesday on reviving a stadium romance that withered nearly three years ago.

Some gathered in a hastily called meeting. Other boosters signed up for a new "Baseball San Jose" page on Facebook. They talked of conducting polls and rounding up sponsors and perhaps even offering a discount on city-owned land already earmarked for a downtown stadium.

So, what is "our job?" To generate interest and support for MLB in San Jose:
But among the steps San Jose could take to persuade Wolff's fellow owners to change those rights: producing poll numbers that show widespread local support for the team and drumming up lists of potential sponsors and season ticket buyers.
In addition to poll numbers we can do two things right now to show support: sign up to follow this blog (and receive email updates), and ask your friends and family to join our facebook group.

There will be many other ways to get involved in the near future, but for right now our primary job is to show widespread local support for bringing MLB to San Jose. Invite your San Jose friends and family to join the facebook group, and then ask them to stop over here and sign up for email updates.

If we want MLB to seriously consider moving the A's to our area we need to prove that our interest is strong enough to support a MLB team. I know that San Jose is the best place for the A's, you know it too. Our job is to make sure that MLB sees just how strong our support is and will be once the A's call San Jose home.

Play ball San Jose.

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