Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A's to San Jose Study Group raises money for poll

Just received word that the newly formed "A's to San Jose Study Group" has raised enough money for a poll. This is great news, and I would expect that a poll will be, as they say, "in the field" within the next few weeks or a month at the latest.

As I am watching the rules committee meeting right now there seems to be a broad support for baseball, as well as some reasonable concerns by the public. Concerns raised: make sure that there are a number of well publicized public meetings, EIR out of date, the projected impact on neighborhoods and a few other issues.

Here is a link to the mayor's memo, and please make sure to mark April 7th on your calendar, that is the day (night) that we will need to be at city hall to show our support.

(Update: The upload seems to have made the document unreadable, try going here for a better version. And here is the memo from Councilmembers Pyle, Herrera and Campos)

Here are some links to stories covering the meeting today: KCBS, CBS, ABC and NBC.

Once the polling is done we will have a better idea of where we stand with the residents of San Jose. I will guess that support should be fairly strong if there is little to no public money used in the building of the stadium. We shall have to see, but hopefully we will get good news in a short amount of time.

And WOW! We hit 500 members on our facebook group yesterday, and right now we stand at 516 members, you all rock!

Again, mark your calendar for April 7th.

Play ball San Jose.

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  1. Is there any plan to do an Economic Impact Study as to how the move would affect the Giants? I see this as the linchpin in the Territorial Rights argument.


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