Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Return of the Nimby

Now that the A's and San Jose are back in play, concerns from residents close to the proposed stadium site are once again being voiced. In all fairness those who would be most impacted by the stadium should have all of their concerns addressed. On the other hand, our city needs to do what is in the best interest for our city, weighing concerns against the economic impact of a new stadium.

Scott Herhold discussed his neighbors concerns today, and then he finished up with this:

So where one of my neighbors bemoaned a possible explosion of fast-food restaurants if the A's come to town, I see a ballpark pumping energy into The Alameda. In 15 years, I've seen nothing but good from the impact of the HP Pavilion.

I don't mean the city ought to accept any ballpark under any terms. We know there are good and bad deals. When the city negotiates with Lew Wolff, it needs to bring its "A'' game, and I intend that as no pun: He's bringing his.

What I do mean is that a ballpark can be — with the right rules, in the right circumstances, for the right price — a big plus for the city and even for most of the neighborhood. Now, the A's white shoes are a wholly different matter. .

While I do not always agree with Herhold, on this matter we are in complete agreement. Herhold's support of new ballpark, even though he may experience some inconvience, is welcomed. Herhold also understands that a stadium project could have widespread positive economic impacts for the entire South Bay.

And we also should not forget all those who raised the same or similar objections to HP Pavilion, as noted by the New A's Ballpark blog:

Proponents of the ballpark point to all of the naysaying regarding the arena's development. The arena didn't destroy either Shasta/Hanchett or the further away Rose Garden, and it actually led to redevelopment of downtown and the Cahill Park neighborhood immediately west of Diridon Station.
We all know the obvious: a new stadium in downtown San Jose is going to impact life for many of us who call San Jose home, some more then others, but there will also be benefits to our city and its residents. Moving forward it is imperative that concerns are addressed, benefits noted and concessions made where possible.

Play ball San Jose.

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