Friday, June 5, 2009

SVLG supports bringing the A's to San Jose UPDATED

Another huge vote of support for bringing the A's to San Jose! The Silicon Valley Leadership Group:
adopted a formal position of support for the city’s efforts at a meeting of the Group’s Working Council, its policy-setting body, on Thursday, June 4. The support aligns with an earlier poll of Leadership Group members that found strong endorsement of the proposition that San Jose should be home to a major league team.
Here is a link to the survey given to SVLG members, and here are some highlights:
  • More than 70% of the 121 respondents agreed that the “City of San Jose (the third largest city in California and 10thlargest in U.S.) should be the home of a Major League Baseball team.” Only 9 percent disagreed; the balance had no opinion.
  • Notably, nearly 70% of respondents that currently “sponsor, advertise or purchase game ticket packages, would support both the Giant’s and ‘San Jose A’s’”.
Clearly we are moving along folks! And in the not too distant future we will be asked to step up to the plate and help bring the A's to their new home. Stay tuned as things are certainly getting interesting with more news to come.

And thank you for your good work in driving up our facebook numbers, right now we are at 773 members and growing!

Play ball San Jose : )


From the Business Journal:
San Jose Mayor Chuck Reed said Friday he is hopeful the voters of his city will be able to vote in November on whether to build a stadium for the Oakland Athletics.

He told the audience he hopes to have an agreement with Wolff hammered out by early July so the San Jose City Council could take up the issue in August. That time frame would need to be followed in order to get a stadium proposal on the ballot this fall.

Though Reed has said previously his city can’t afford to spend any public money on building the A’s ballpark, it does have a 14-acre site at Park Avenue and Autumn/Montgomery streets on the western edge of downtown San Jose where it could be built.

If the vote is in November, clear your weekends and be prepared to knock on doors : )