Thursday, September 3, 2009

More news: Lew Wolff knows the way to San Jose

A couple of things:  The new A's ball park blog has a great overview of the released report, and since I am still reading through the report I will quote him here:
1. The firm used for this version, Conventions Sports & Leisure, is the same one used by the City of Santa Clara for their 49ers stadium study. I will be looking carefully for unrealistic projections.

2. Cost of the 32,000-seat ballpark is projected to be $461 million in 2009 dollars, $489 million in 2011 dollars. Ballpark would open in 2014.

3. The City's projected impact is ~$1.5 million in additional general fund revenue, net of increased city service costs ($45k). The A's would pay for all gameday police, emergency and traffic expenses.

4. Projected 2.1 million in attendance plus 3 non-baseball events.

5. 50% of attendees would not be from
San Jose and would be coming in solely for an A's game.
There are a few more points to read on the new A's ball park blog so make sure to click on the link and read the entire post. 

And then we have a Bloomberg article that quotes Lew Wolff:
Wolff said San Jose is now the best option for the team’s new home. The city, which has a population of more than 1 million and is the 10th-largest in the U.S., is about 40 miles (64 kilometers) south of Oakland.

“We’ve explored the Bay Area for a long time now and I think our only real option is downtown San Jose,” Wolff, chairman of Los Angeles-based developer Wolff Urban Development LLC, said in a telephone interview.

Wolff, 73, said he’s waiting to hear whether a move to San Jose would be allowed by Major League Baseball since the San Francisco Giants hold territorial rights to San Jose. Baseball spokesman Pat Courtney didn’t immediately return telephone and e-mail messages. 

As for Las Vegas or Portland:
San Jose is the best option “to stay in northern California and that’s what we want to do,” Wolff said. “We haven’t really explored other cities, nor do we want to.”
What never fails to amaze me is that we have no news for literally months, and now?  More news then we could have imagined.

Clearly San Jose is positioned for the A's, our job is to make sure that we are organized and ready to work hard to make this dream happen.

Last but never least, our facebook group went over 800 supporters today!  GREAT job everyone, and please keep on referring people to the group.

Play ball San Jose!

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