Friday, December 18, 2009

"Stand for San Jose Money to SF Giants": Don't be fooled by their agenda

Seems that we have a new anti-stadium group, "Stand for San Jose."   This group is rumored to be funded by the San Francisco Giants who do not want to see our area benefit from having our own MLB team.  A better (and more honest) name for the anti-stadium folks would be "Stand for San Jose Money to SF Giants."

Here is a bit more information about this group:
A special San Jose City Hall meeting Wednesday night to discuss a revised environmental impact report brought out dozens of people, including supporters and a handful of critics from a new San Jose Giants-backed coalition opposed to any taxpayer money that might fund the ballpark.

San Jose Mayor Chuck Reed on Wednesday said he found the coalition's position "odd" considering that the city — which owns Municipal Stadium, where the minor league San Jose Giants play — has forked over almost $1 million in the past two years to pay for upgrades and repairs to the stadium. On Tuesday, the City Council, acting as the redevelopment agency board, signed off on $300,000 for electrical improvements at the stadium.

"They ought to know about the funding of the stadium because isn't that who this group is? Did they not notice the million dollars we spent on Muni Stadium? It's kind of funny," Reed noted. "But I don't expect people to be consistent when it gets to these political issues."

Jim Weyermann, president and chief executive of the San Jose Giants and a member of the coalition, said Municipal Stadium is a city asset that has not had major repairs over the decades. He said the team has spent more than $2 million of its own money on repairs."

 So, if we follow the reasoning of the anti-stadium folks (aka SF Giants) we have this:  San Jose should not invest in MLB which would bring in millions of dollars to our economy because the San Jose Giants bring in thousands of dollars to our economy.  The fact that the San Jose Giants play at "Municipal" stadium is of course lost on this new group, the irony is simply amazing.

What "Stand for San Jose Money to SF Giants" wants you to ignore is the amount of money that leaves our city and county every time someone attends a game in San Francisco or Oakland.  Who benefits the most if things stay the way they are now?  The SF Giants, the city and county of San Francisco, and the losers are the residents of San Jose and Santa Clara County.

And we should also not ignore the fact that the San Francisco Giants are insisting that they "own" San Jose, yes, they own us.  The taxpayers and residents of San Jose has no right to make their own choice, no right to seek economic improvements in our area, those of us who live and work in San Jose should just realize that what is best for the San Francisco Giants somehow is all that matters.  I.  Think.  Not.

We need to show this new group that we are not fooled by their lies and deception. Take some time today and encourage your friends and family members to sign up for our Facebook group, "Baseball San Jose."  Right now we are at 901 members and with your help we can easily double that number.  

And along with "Stand for San Jose Money to SF Giants" we also have the City of San Francisco jumping into this mess, check out the letter they just sent to Bud Sellig
“Yet, tampering with the Giants’ established territorial rights would be just the sort of action that the City believed Major League Baseball was in effect promising it would not do,” Herrera’s letter contends. “As the City Attorney for the City and County of San Francisco, I am entrusted under the San Francisco Charter with the obligation to protect the City’s legal interests and to represent the City when a cause of action exists in its favor. I write to you now to make clear up front the legal concerns I have on behalf of the City should Major League Baseball tamper with the Giant’s territorial rights.”
The bottom line is that the SF Giants', "Stand for San Jose Money to SF Giants," and now the City of San Francisco, are all working together to protect the SF Giants in their misguided attempt to dominate and rule over San Jose residents and tax payers.

As a San Jose resident and taxpayer I am not fooled by any of this, and I know you are not either.  This is not rocket science, rather it is a simple and clear issue:  Does San Jose, the 10th largest city in the nation, a city with over one million residents, belong to San Francisco?  Do the residents and tax payers of San Jose have the right to make decisions about what is best for their (our) economy?

While the weather outside is getting chilly things are heating up here in San Jose, and I think that January is going to be one very hot month.

Again, I know this is a busy time for everyone but it only takes a minute to help us get more people to sign up for our Facebook group.

Play ball San Jose.

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