Monday, January 11, 2010

Discontent in Fremont

Not surprisingly, Fremont is not united in its new pursuit of the A's. Amongst other things, the powerful Fremont Citizens Network has this to say about plans to transform NUMMI into a ballpark:

Mr. Diaz [Fremont city manager] needs to look at the recent decline in city services, rise in crime, and the dissatisfaction of our residents. He must realize that every time he moves a dollar to the Redevelopment Fund ... It is taking away education dollars the schools desperately need.

Until it closes, Fremont's NUMMI is the only auto manufacturing facility in California. It is also the only one west of the Mississippi. It currently maintains about 4,700 jobs on-site and has created about 20,000 jobs state-wide. Read more at FCN's forums here.

And here's what The Oakland Tribune has to say about mounting citizen opposition to Fremont's plan:

Hundreds of residents rallied against a previous stadium plan last year, with some saying they would welcome a vote and a chance to unseat council members who support the stadium.

"We're better armed this time," said Kathy McDonald, president of the Fremont Citizens Network, which worked to kill a previous stadium proposal.

"If this ridiculous thing actually goes to a vote in November, I guarantee that our campaign will not only be about defeating this proposal, but replacing a few heads."

Read the full article here.

Unlike Fremont, San Jose has actively sought community input. In fact, the next Diridon Good Neighbor Meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, January 27th. Details can be found at the San Jose Redevelopment Agency.


  1. The crazy thing is that I have heard almost no noise about San Jose citizens that oppose the stadium... only phony SF Giant shadow organizations pretending to be SJ citizens are making any sort of negative buzz towards the SJ location.

    Based on what happened before in Fremont, I can guarantee this will not happen at the NUMMI sight.

  2. I bet the giants were inspired to create their astroturf group from the anti-stadium groups in Fremont.

  3. I agree. Plus why not put all this money and enegery into preserving NUMMI as a car plant. That's a valubale resource that Fremont is gicing up fro a pipe dream. Lame.


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