Friday, January 1, 2010

Major Fail

Happy New Year to everyone!  I have one prediction for this year: San Jose will become a Major League City, regardless of what some San Francisco based front groups want you to believe.

Speaking of front groups, how is it that the SF Giants front group "Stand for San Jose" didn't think through their name better?  "SFSJ" clearly isn't putting San Jose first, it is a group founded, funded and formed by the SF Giants, and one look at the abbreviation of their group's name clearly shows what the groups focus really is: San Francisco first.

We also have another major fail by SFSJ, which decided to send a one page letter to the Mayor of San Jose, Chuck Reed.  The letter, as expected, is short on substance and contains false information (but what else would you expect from SFSJ?)  The San Jose Mercury points out in today's paper:
In its letter, the coalition also writes that the terms of the agreement would require an annual economic benefits report card issued by a major accounting firm. "Responsible City governments like those in Washington D.C. and Phoenix, Arizona instituted similar Taxpayer Protection Policies," the letter reads.

In fact, neither city has anything like the coalition's proposal on its books, according to spokesmen in both places.
 Kudos to Mayor Chuck Reed who stepped up to the plate and hit a home run with this great quote:
"I think this front organization for the San Francisco Giants should go to San Francisco and talk to their puppet masters and tell them to get out of the way so we can negotiate some guarantees,'' Reed said.
 Speaking of guarantees I guarantee that SFSJ will continue to use lies and deception in their misguided attempt to keep San Jose shackled to San Francisco. 

And I want to thank everyone for their continued efforts to grow our Facebook group, we are almost at 1100 members!  Keep on sending people to our group and don't forget to follow us on Twitter.

Play ball San Jose.

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