Wednesday, January 6, 2010

More Giant Missteps

Yesterday, the San Francisco Giants illustrated, yet again, how dirty they're willing to get in their attempts to block San Jose's pursuit of the A's. Watch Dog Silicon Valley was the first to report that the Giants have begun to employ push poll tactics by asking San Jose citizens how likely they are to support "Team owners [receiving] millions in city funds leaving less money for San Jose firefighters, police, libraries, and parks."

Interestingly, the poll does not ask how citizens feel about city money going to a minor league team's facilities. Aside from being completely erroneous and misleading, the Giants' latest tactics illustrate an increasingly panicky tone inside their organization. One also has to wonder how the Giants' loyal San Jose fans are going to react to being denied the opportunity to decide for themselves if the A's should come here. I would suspect not very well. Yet, the Giants clearly believe that they, not San Jose, know what's best for the city. Read WDSV's whole post here.

Meanwhile, San Jose Inside has Councilman Sam Liccardo's reaction, including what bringing the A's to town would mean for the San Jose Giants:

The poll also asks people if they’d be okay with bringing a team to San Jose if the San Jose Giants are forced to leave. “That’s a message we’ve been hearing over and over, which by the way, is not true,” he says. “I expect they will soon present poll results that reflect that manipulation.”

Read SJI's whole post here.

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