Friday, February 5, 2010

Could the End Be Near? (UPDATED: 02.08.10)

The East Bay Express' Robert Gammon reports today:

Oakland Mayor Ron Dellums revealed yesterday that a Major League Baseball task force is scheduled to present its findings Monday to Commissioner Bud Selig on the A’s proposed move San Jose. Dellums made the revelation during a speech to the Oakland chambers of commerce at the Oakland airport Hilton. However, it’s not clear when Selig will make the task force’s findings public or how much information he will reveal when he does.

Baseball San Jose certainly hopes that on this point, Mayor Dellums is correct. Especially given that, by all accounts, San Jose is considered the front-runner to land the A's.

And finally, are you curious if Oakland is doing its part to save the planet? Well, then Gammon also offers this nugget:

Dellums also said yesterday that he recently sent a follow-up missive to Selig, urging him to favor the Oakland sites over the Fremont locale, citing the need to promote urban growth in order to address the effects of climate change. Dellums said he noted to the commissioner that a Fremont ballpark would result in more long-distance car trips by team fans, thereby adding to greenhouse gas emissions.

Dellums' environmental concerns are touching, but he can take solace in the fact that when a new urban A's stadium is built at Diridon Station it will eventually have transportation options from Caltrain, VTA, the Highway 17 Express, ACE, BART, Amtrak, High Speed Rail, and even San Jose's own Eco City Cycles.

Read the full East Bay Express article here.


No news today; instead, East Bay Express is reporting:

Major League Baseball has delayed for one week a report from a blue-ribbon panel on the Oakland A’s planned move to San Jose, according to Mayor Ron Dellums spokesman Paul Rose. Baseball Commissioner Bud Selig had been scheduled to receive the report today. However, it remains unclear when and whether the report will be made public.

Read the full East Bay Express article here.

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