Sunday, March 21, 2010

Forward Movement(?)

After meeting with the Athletics today, MLB Commissioner Bud Selig told reporters that:

"There is no question that the A's cannot compete (financially) in the venue they're in ... There still is information we are looking for. It is a complicated process with a lot of complex issues and is time-consuming. But we would still like to move as expeditiously as possible." (AP story here.)

Meanwhile, reports:

San Jose wants an answer by June so it can place a measure on the fall ballot, but Selig said there is currently no timetable for when the panel will have its report ready ... "They're getting close to completing their work," Selig said, "but they have some work that needs to be done. The committee is hard at work, and I have faith in all three of them." ( story here.)

Good to know that the end may be near. Let's hope it's in time for San Jose's fall ballot deadline in June.

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