Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Still Pretty Quiet on the Western Front

Turns out MLB Commissioner Bud Selig is still awaiting a report from his stadium commission. MLB.com reports:

Commissioner Bud Selig had little to say Sunday about the simmering ballpark controversy involving the Giants and Oakland A's, noting that he's awaiting a report from the committee he appointed to study the situation ... Briefly visiting the Giants-Milwaukee Brewers exhibition game, Selig looked and sounded relaxed as he addressed the A's-Giants issue.

Read MLB.com's article here.

Meanwhile, Craig Calcaterra, over at NBC Sports' Hardball Talk is growing impatient over MLB's year-long study:

One year. The Allied powers figured out how the post-war partition of Europe was going to go down in less time. The Bretton Woods conference established the system that kept financial order for 60 years in less time. It didn't take too much more than a year to get a man in space after the formation of NASA. You'd think that a handful of people could figure out how to properly dispose of a baseball team in that time frame.

Read his post here.

In other news, the Silicon Valley Leadership Group has formally endorsed San Jose's quest for a stadium:

The board of directors of the Silicon Valley Leadership Group voted unanimously last week to support the San Jose City Council’s effort to bring a privately built and operated major league baseball stadium that is expected to create nearly 1,000 jobs and generate more than $5 million dollars a year of revenue for local governments.

Read more here.

Finally, a reminder that the San Jose Redevelopment Agnecy's next Diridon Good Neighbor Meeting is scheduled for this Wednesday, March 17th. Details can be found at the San Jose Redevelopment Agency.

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