Thursday, July 29, 2010

Michael Mulcahy and Susan Hammer, Baseball San Jose Co-Chairs: Letter to supporters

Dear Baseball San Jose Supporter,

As you’ve seen in recent weeks, our drive to build a privately-financed downtown ballpark and bring a professional baseball team to San Jose has now captured the personal attention of Commissioner of Major League Baseball, Bud Selig. Thanks to the tenacity of Mayor Reed and other community leaders who have worked in partnership with a committed Athletics ownership, we have built significant momentum and although we won’t be on the ballot this November, this is no time to slow down.

Please join friends and allies from San Jose and across the South Bay on Tuesday, August 3rdas the San Jose City Council will consider a refined resolution in support of the A's moving to San Jose that incorporates the Mayor's proposed amendments to the city's Negotiating Principles for a Downtown Ballpark. If approved, these principles would further specify conditions for a potential ballot measure in March 2011. For information on these additional guiding principles please click here.

This is another important step to ultimately bring Major League Baseball to San Jose and your attendance is strongly encouraged. Projections show that the ballpark would generate hundreds of millions of dollars in annual economic output, thousands of new jobs, and millions of dollars in additional tax revenue for vital city services, schools, and other public agencies.

Additionally, the proposed ballpark site would be conveniently located near freeways and the Diridon Station currently served by Caltrain, VTA bus and light rail and further enhanced with potential BART and High Speed Rail connections.

Please join us on Tuesday, August 3rd as we encourage the City Council to support the refined resolution.

When: Tuesday, August 3rd
Time: 1:30 pm (stay tuned for updates of a time certain)
Where: San Jose City Council Chambers, 200 East Santa Clara Street

Please continue to keep updated on our progress by joining our Facebook group or by visiting Pro Baseball for San Jose.

If you think you can make the meeting or have any questions, please contact Paul Higgins: paul.higgins at live dot com.

Thank you for your ongoing enthusiasm and support!

Michael Mulcahy and Susan Hammer,
Baseball San Jose Co-Chairs

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Reed pulls proposed November ballot measure

According to the San Jose Mercury News, Mayor Reed has pulled the proposed November ballot measure:

Mayor Chuck Reed today announced that he is tabling efforts to place a downtown ballpark initiative on the November 2 ballot.
The decision was anticipated after Reed's discussion Tuesday with Major League Baseball President Bob DuPuy, who had asked the mayor to delay his plans. Reed angered baseball officials last week by announcing his intent to proceed with a ballpark vote even though baseball has not decided if the Oakland A's should be allowed to move to San Jose.
Kudos to our Mayor Reed for stepping up to the plate and giving the MLB a nudge.  If nothing else MLB knows that San Jose is ready (and willing) to become home to the A's.  Additionally MLB has offered to help pay for a spring election, something San Jose tax payers are sure to welcome.

Even though the ballot measure has been put off until the spring we can't sit back, it is even more imperative that we add as many people as possible to our supporters list. If you care about bringing MLB to San Jose take a minute and make sure that you subscribe to our blog for updates.  Send an email out to your friends asking them to sign up as well, and ask them to get people to sign up.

Are you really serious about bringing MLB to San Jose? Show MLB how serious you are by subscribing to our blog and becoming a fan on our Facebook page.

Bringing MLB to San Jose is within our sights, but it can't happen without your support, your energy and your desire to be a Major League Player.

Play ball San Jose.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

It's Now or Never...

"Shall the San Jose Downtown Ballpark and Jobs Measure be approved to authorize, but not require, the use of Redevelopment Agency funds, with no new taxes, to acquire and clear a site for a baseball stadium, fund related off-site improvements and lease the site for a professional baseball team where the team would pay all on-site construction costs, operation and maintenance costs, generating new tax revenues for city operations?"

Looks like we'll now find out on November 2nd.

You're up to bat, San Jose!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Game ON! Time to step up to the plate San Jose.

San Jose Mayor Chuck Reed is sending a strong message to MLB and the San Francisco Giants by stepping up to the plate and asking the San Jose City Council to go forward with a ballpark measure for the November ballot:

The proposal — along with Reed's suggestions for another measure that could roll back pay for police and firefighters — shook up what had been a sedate month in San Jose, where City Council members have been on their traditional July recess.
And the move stunned the San Francisco Giants, who like A's owner Lew Wolff have been waiting for a special committee appointed 16 months ago by baseball Commissioner Bud Selig to study the A's options.
What this means is that from now until November we have an opportunity to work together to bring MLB to San Jose.  We need to support our Mayor and City Council as they take the steps necessary to place the stadium issue on the ballot, and then the hard work begins my friends!

Once a ballpark measure is on the ballot, the "real" campaign starts, and you will be crucial to help make the dream of MLB in San Jose a reality.  Where do you start?  Visit our Facebook group, sign up, ask your friends to join both the Facebook group as well as sign up as a follower of our Baseball San Jose blog.

This is real folks, no more guessing, no more dreams, this is where we need to show that we are no longer in the minor league, this is where San Jose becomes a Major League City, and this can only happen if you join with us to knock on doors, put up signs, make calls and do all you can to inform the voters of San Jose about the measure that will be on the ballot in November. 

Our job is to make sure that the group opposed to the stadium (and funded by the San Francisco Giants) is exposed for what it is, which is NOT a grassroots organization, rather it is a way for the SF Giants to continue to "own" San Jose.   

This is just the start of what is sure to be an exciting summer and fall, stay tuned, get rested because you are going to be very, very busy. 

Play Ball San Jose!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

What Planet Are You From?

The Chronicle reached deep into space today to find guest columnist Andy Dolich, who offers this gem:

The A's will most likely get their new stadium in Oakland because the A's will follow the Giants example. In the Giants' darkest moment, a group came together to keep the team in its rightful place in San Francisco. Oakland elected officials and private, civic-minded business leaders will find a way to build a new ballpark. When fans of the Green and Gold are celebrating their fifth world championship, it will be in Oakland.

I'll admit, I had to reread his column a couple times. Is it another Oakland Mr. Dolich is writing about? (Oakland County, Michigan, comes to mind.) Well, no. Mr. Dolich actually believes our Oakland has the will to build a new ballpark. No, really—our Oakland. And as is typical with East Bay boosters, as well as the city itself, Mr. Dolich offers no details of just how Oakland will build a new stadium. But I suppose we don't have to worry, according to him, it will "most likely" happen.

And lest we forget, one of the groups that came to the Giants' aid was the A's, who gave the Giants Santa Clara County's territorial rights. But who's keeping track, eh?

Read Mr. Dolich's full transmission at The Chronicle.

Back on this planet, The Merc's Mark Purdy again vents his (and everyone else's) frustration over MLB's excruciatingly slow decision on an A's move to San Jose:

If you have been wondering what is up with Major League Baseball and the 16-month-long study by the committee that was appointed to decide the Oakland A's potential future in San Jose "... well, you are not sitting alone in the dugout.

Any new Oakland plan would be years behind the San Jose proposal. So why not let the South Bay have a vote? Enough is enough. Selig should simply announce that San Jose can hold the vote, and if the ballpark proposal is approved, Major League Baseball will negotiate and implement a territorial rights settlement with the Giants. Period.

Again, Mark Purdy succinctly brings the A's debate back to Earth. Read his column, including his talk with Lew Wolff, over at The Mercury News.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Larry Stone (Really) Stands for San Jose

Larry Stone, Santa Clara County Assessor—and tireless advocate for MLB in San Jose—wrote a great op-ed for The San Francisco Chronicle today in which he calls out the Giants, including managing partner Bill Neukom, for their overreaching attempts to block an A's move to Silicon Valley. Here's an excerpt:

In the 1980s, San Jose was a territory shared by the A's and Giants. The A's gave it exclusively to the Giants for free when the Giants were exploring building a new ballpark in the South Bay. Though their plans never came to fruition, the South Bay remained part of the Giants' territory. Now that the A's are interested in a San Jose location, it seems Neukom is demanding Commissioner Bud Selig do his bidding or be sued. 

As I understand it, the A's have agreed that following the opening of a San Jose ballpark, the Giants would have the right to ask Major League Baseball to arbitrate any damages to their fan base or revenue that were caused by the new stadium. Neukom has apparently rejected this fair and simple approach, most likely because projections conducted in a fair manner just might show that the San Jose ballpark would have a positive impact on the orange and black. 

This game is in the final innings, and the time is now for Neukom to fire the lawyers and step up and be a regional leader. Major League Baseball must not allow one person, Bill Neukom, to control the decisions that rest with the commissioner and the other team owners. Mr. Neukom, drop the lawsuits and work with the A's, South Bay leaders and Major League Baseball to find a win-win solution that not only allows the A's to explore their options in the South Bay, but helps our entire region regain its economic footing. 

This is what standing for San Jose really looks like. Nice work, Mr. Stone!

Read the full op-ed here.

You're up to bat, San Jose!