Friday, July 23, 2010

Game ON! Time to step up to the plate San Jose.

San Jose Mayor Chuck Reed is sending a strong message to MLB and the San Francisco Giants by stepping up to the plate and asking the San Jose City Council to go forward with a ballpark measure for the November ballot:

The proposal — along with Reed's suggestions for another measure that could roll back pay for police and firefighters — shook up what had been a sedate month in San Jose, where City Council members have been on their traditional July recess.
And the move stunned the San Francisco Giants, who like A's owner Lew Wolff have been waiting for a special committee appointed 16 months ago by baseball Commissioner Bud Selig to study the A's options.
What this means is that from now until November we have an opportunity to work together to bring MLB to San Jose.  We need to support our Mayor and City Council as they take the steps necessary to place the stadium issue on the ballot, and then the hard work begins my friends!

Once a ballpark measure is on the ballot, the "real" campaign starts, and you will be crucial to help make the dream of MLB in San Jose a reality.  Where do you start?  Visit our Facebook group, sign up, ask your friends to join both the Facebook group as well as sign up as a follower of our Baseball San Jose blog.

This is real folks, no more guessing, no more dreams, this is where we need to show that we are no longer in the minor league, this is where San Jose becomes a Major League City, and this can only happen if you join with us to knock on doors, put up signs, make calls and do all you can to inform the voters of San Jose about the measure that will be on the ballot in November. 

Our job is to make sure that the group opposed to the stadium (and funded by the San Francisco Giants) is exposed for what it is, which is NOT a grassroots organization, rather it is a way for the SF Giants to continue to "own" San Jose.   

This is just the start of what is sure to be an exciting summer and fall, stay tuned, get rested because you are going to be very, very busy. 

Play Ball San Jose!

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