Sunday, July 4, 2010

Larry Stone (Really) Stands for San Jose

Larry Stone, Santa Clara County Assessor—and tireless advocate for MLB in San Jose—wrote a great op-ed for The San Francisco Chronicle today in which he calls out the Giants, including managing partner Bill Neukom, for their overreaching attempts to block an A's move to Silicon Valley. Here's an excerpt:

In the 1980s, San Jose was a territory shared by the A's and Giants. The A's gave it exclusively to the Giants for free when the Giants were exploring building a new ballpark in the South Bay. Though their plans never came to fruition, the South Bay remained part of the Giants' territory. Now that the A's are interested in a San Jose location, it seems Neukom is demanding Commissioner Bud Selig do his bidding or be sued. 

As I understand it, the A's have agreed that following the opening of a San Jose ballpark, the Giants would have the right to ask Major League Baseball to arbitrate any damages to their fan base or revenue that were caused by the new stadium. Neukom has apparently rejected this fair and simple approach, most likely because projections conducted in a fair manner just might show that the San Jose ballpark would have a positive impact on the orange and black. 

This game is in the final innings, and the time is now for Neukom to fire the lawyers and step up and be a regional leader. Major League Baseball must not allow one person, Bill Neukom, to control the decisions that rest with the commissioner and the other team owners. Mr. Neukom, drop the lawsuits and work with the A's, South Bay leaders and Major League Baseball to find a win-win solution that not only allows the A's to explore their options in the South Bay, but helps our entire region regain its economic footing. 

This is what standing for San Jose really looks like. Nice work, Mr. Stone!

Read the full op-ed here.

You're up to bat, San Jose!

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