Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Reed pulls proposed November ballot measure

According to the San Jose Mercury News, Mayor Reed has pulled the proposed November ballot measure:

Mayor Chuck Reed today announced that he is tabling efforts to place a downtown ballpark initiative on the November 2 ballot.
The decision was anticipated after Reed's discussion Tuesday with Major League Baseball President Bob DuPuy, who had asked the mayor to delay his plans. Reed angered baseball officials last week by announcing his intent to proceed with a ballpark vote even though baseball has not decided if the Oakland A's should be allowed to move to San Jose.
Kudos to our Mayor Reed for stepping up to the plate and giving the MLB a nudge.  If nothing else MLB knows that San Jose is ready (and willing) to become home to the A's.  Additionally MLB has offered to help pay for a spring election, something San Jose tax payers are sure to welcome.

Even though the ballot measure has been put off until the spring we can't sit back, it is even more imperative that we add as many people as possible to our supporters list. If you care about bringing MLB to San Jose take a minute and make sure that you subscribe to our blog for updates.  Send an email out to your friends asking them to sign up as well, and ask them to get people to sign up.

Are you really serious about bringing MLB to San Jose? Show MLB how serious you are by subscribing to our blog and becoming a fan on our Facebook page.

Bringing MLB to San Jose is within our sights, but it can't happen without your support, your energy and your desire to be a Major League Player.

Play ball San Jose.

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