Saturday, July 10, 2010

What Planet Are You From?

The Chronicle reached deep into space today to find guest columnist Andy Dolich, who offers this gem:

The A's will most likely get their new stadium in Oakland because the A's will follow the Giants example. In the Giants' darkest moment, a group came together to keep the team in its rightful place in San Francisco. Oakland elected officials and private, civic-minded business leaders will find a way to build a new ballpark. When fans of the Green and Gold are celebrating their fifth world championship, it will be in Oakland.

I'll admit, I had to reread his column a couple times. Is it another Oakland Mr. Dolich is writing about? (Oakland County, Michigan, comes to mind.) Well, no. Mr. Dolich actually believes our Oakland has the will to build a new ballpark. No, really—our Oakland. And as is typical with East Bay boosters, as well as the city itself, Mr. Dolich offers no details of just how Oakland will build a new stadium. But I suppose we don't have to worry, according to him, it will "most likely" happen.

And lest we forget, one of the groups that came to the Giants' aid was the A's, who gave the Giants Santa Clara County's territorial rights. But who's keeping track, eh?

Read Mr. Dolich's full transmission at The Chronicle.

Back on this planet, The Merc's Mark Purdy again vents his (and everyone else's) frustration over MLB's excruciatingly slow decision on an A's move to San Jose:

If you have been wondering what is up with Major League Baseball and the 16-month-long study by the committee that was appointed to decide the Oakland A's potential future in San Jose "... well, you are not sitting alone in the dugout.

Any new Oakland plan would be years behind the San Jose proposal. So why not let the South Bay have a vote? Enough is enough. Selig should simply announce that San Jose can hold the vote, and if the ballpark proposal is approved, Major League Baseball will negotiate and implement a territorial rights settlement with the Giants. Period.

Again, Mark Purdy succinctly brings the A's debate back to Earth. Read his column, including his talk with Lew Wolff, over at The Mercury News.

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