Friday, September 10, 2010

Actually, Larry Stone Begs to Differ

Santa Clara County Assessor Larry Stone has something he wants to get off his chest. He feels compelled to respond to a recent Mercury News article that furthers the myth that the fight for the A's is a horse race between San Jose and Oakland. Stone, an ardent supporter of MLB in San Jose, tells us exclusively just why he begs to differ:

Why are you folks trying to prop-up Oakland? Doug Boxer takes a map of Oakland, colors a couple of sites, and the Merc all but declares serious competition between Oakland and San Jose for the A’s. There is no competition, serious or otherwise, between Oakland and San Jose!

Oakland does not have the corporate or political leadership, financial resources, or fan base to compete. There is competition however, and I believe it is with the “consortium of East Coast lenders” that loaned the Giants $150 million to build Pac Bell Park which opened in April 2000.

Because Oakland has the team, their objective is to create “gridlock,” which means they win, without a viable site, corporate or political leadership, or the financial resources. It’s not unlike the political gridlock in Sacramento or DC.

Take baseball out of the equation. If you were going to open a business, any business, and the financial success of that business was dependent on population, family income, and corporate support. And your location choices were Oakland, Fremont and San Jose. Where would you locate your business?

Larry Stone,
Santa Clara County Assessor

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