Friday, November 19, 2010

Is a Decision Coming Soon?

This week in Orlando, Major League Baseball held their GM Meetings with general managers and owners. Top on the agenda were discussions around expanding MLB playoffs from 8 teams to 10 and according to reports it seems inevitable that we could see a change by 2012. Now at Baseball San Jose we don’t spend too much time worrying about issues like whether the playoffs should be expanded (even though it seems kind of odd that "The Boys of Summer" already play into November) as we have been listening carefully for a decision on Santa Clara County territorial rights.

While there was no decision made this week, we are hopeful that at the Winter Meetings December 6th – 9th Bud Selig will once and for all end the suspense and reveal his decision. San Jose has been waiting a long time to to learn its fate and our desire for a Major League Baseball team hasn't faltered and in fact continues to grow. What a great early Christmas present it would be if Bud Selig chooses to lift the territorial rights the Giants have over us so that we can go to ballot early next year. This time next year let’s hope that we are giving thanks for San Jose being the future home of the A’s.

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