Friday, November 5, 2010

The Question Remains

 How will the Giants winning the World Series affect an A's move to San Jose?

That's the question on the minds of A's fans and San Jose-boosters this week. As the ticker tape fell and the champagne poured, A's fans wanted to know how MLB would view the A's coming to Silicon Valley in light of the Giants' new success.

Even as the A's took out this ad in the Chronicle, Bud Selig was characteristically tight lipped. Nonetheless, the Mercury's Tracy Seipel took up the question by posing it to sports industry experts. The consensus: Giants' World Series success could boost chances for A's move to San Jose. As one expert put it, "To the extent that the commissioner's office would be concerned about the Giants' financial well-being if the A's were allowed to move to San Jose ... that concern would by allayed given the success the Giants have had."

Let's hope he's right!

In other news ...

Baseball San Jose got to spend an evening with fans at the Earthquakes' playoff home game at Santa Clara University last weekend. Quakes fans, eager for construction of their own soccer-specific stadium to begin, were no less enthusiastic about bringing the A's to town.

We look forward to meeting even more Quakes fans as the team continues on the road to their third MLS championship.

Meanwhile, in Willow Glen, the Athletics' Stomper recently stopped by for Walk to School Day, a campaign to "encourage children, including those with disabilities, to walk and bike to school." Stomper helped students safely navigate the neighborhood's busy streets on their way to their school.

Finally, former State Senator Don Perata looks poised to become Oakland's next mayor.

You may recall that Perata recently remarked that he didn't think the A’s would stay in Oakland: "We can’t play in this game, putting up the money. We haven’t been smart with our franchises.”

Finally, an Oakland mayor who gets it?

You're up to bat, San Jose!

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  1. Quan wins the mayor's race and she will fight to keep the A's. She gets it!!


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