Tuesday, November 9, 2010

With a Perspective ...

Jeffrey August, writer for Athletics Nation and newballpark.org, just submitted an editorial for KQED Radio's Perspective series. If you're familiar Jeffrey's work on those sites, you know that he's not a San Jose-booster per se—his preference, in fact, is for the team to stay put. Nonetheless, he is an A's loyalist. And as such, he understands the limitations inherent in the team staying in Oakland. This is what makes his particular point of view all the more compelling.

You can listen to his Perspective here, or read it below in its entirety:

Tuesday, Nov 9, 2010 

"Green, Gold, and Blue"
Jeffrey August doesn't share the orange glow of the Giants championship. He's an A's fan.

As an A's fan with many Giants fans among friends and family, the surge of Giants support has me struggling with two trains of thought. First, there is empathy for a lot of people I really like. Second, there is contempt for a group of folks I really don't.

My Uncle Larry has been a Giants fan as long as he can remember. It has always been fun to tease each other about our two teams' performances. He could point out that my team trades away all its good players. I could point out that I had at least experienced a World Series Championship. I guess I don't have that one to throw in his face anymore.

Knowing he and other long-suffering Giants fans are happy to see their team win the big one after 52 years of losing more than makes up for the partial loss of bragging rights. But this brings me to the contempt.
On the local news, a sportscaster proclaimed that the Giants had brought "The Bay Area its first ever World Series Championship." I guess the A's World Series wins in '72, '73, '74 and '89 never happened. This outright ignorance of the A's championship legacy is offensive to a hard core fan like me.

Add to that all this gushing is over a team that would rather see my A's disappear from the Bay Area. That is a fine way to pay back the neighbor that bent over backwards to keep the Giants here when indifference nearly drove the Giants away for good. In the early '90s, when the Giants had all but left for a different Bay Area in Florida, it was A's ownership that agreed to grant them exclusive rights to the South Bay so the Giants could explore all potential local sites for a new stadium.

The current Giants ownership is repaying this favor by blocking the A's from moving south, an effort designed to push them out of the region altogether.

Giants fans, congratulations on your first Bay Area World Series Championship. As you celebrate through the winter, keep in mind that without the generosity of the A's Wally Haas, you would not have had this experience. Now encourage Bill Nuekom and Larry Baer to return the favor to me and my fellow A's fans.

Keep the A's in the Bay Area.

With a Perspective, I'm Jeffrey August.

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