Friday, December 10, 2010

Plenty of Game Left

It's been quite a week for all concerned in the A's stadium saga. The roller coaster drama was the result of a baseball blog's unnamed source report which claimed Comissioner Selig's blue ribbon committee was leaning toward choosing Oakland over San Jose. Not surprisingly, boosters on both sides were atwitter with the news that A) the committee was finally ready to issue its findings and B) that it would favor Oakland's eleventh-hour pitch.

The 2010 winter meetings have now come and gone with no official word about the A's next move. And still, no one has been able to substantiate that initial report. For his part, Lew Wolff quickly refuted it, followed by MLB, which said:

Despite reports or speculation to the contrary, Major League Baseball has not completed its study of the Oakland A's stadium matter nor has the Commissioner's Special Committee recommended any sites or territories for the development of a new ballpark for the A's. No date has been determined for the committee to issue its findings.

So, there. The game continues—with plenty left to play.

You're still up to bat, San Jose!

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