Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Giants Just Can't Seem to Let Go

Yesterday former San Jose Mayor Tom McEnery spoke with KGO Newstalk 810 radio host Ronn Owens about bringing the Athletics to San Jose. Tom made no secret of being a Giants fan, so much so that he can even name the starting lineup for the 1962 Giants World Series team. Like many fans in the South Bay though, Tom is frustrated with the Giants attempts to prevent an Athletics move to San Jose, saying:

“What really strikes me is the selfish attitude of the Giants towards their fans in San Jose. We’ve bled with them through June swoons and October surprises and we’ve been loyal to them and it’s not like we wouldn’t be Giants fans anymore.”

Spot-on Tom! These are sentiments shared by many fans in San Jose, but at the end of the day we all just want what’s best for our city and the Athletics, who really have very few options left for them in the Bay Area.

The Giants seem to have forgotten that in the 90’s when they were in need of a new stadium and were looking to San Jose, the Athletics gave up their rights to Santa Clara County to support them. As it is, the Giants did eventually get their new stadium and unless our geography is off, it’s in San Francisco some 50 miles north of San Jose. So it's time they give up their "rights" to Santa Clara County and release San Jose from its servitude so that we can determine our own path.

It's not as if two teams haven't been able to co-exist successfully in the same market. In Major League Baseball there are currently 3 markets that are doing it. One way or another, can we just get a decision already? Tom sure thinks so:

"Make a decision Commissioner Selig and it ought to be a very simple one. You have 3 other 2 market teams. The market ought to be shared and lets have a competition and lets see the best team rise to the top."

If anybody can appreciate competition it should be Mr. Neukom who obtained his wealth working at Microsoft. Then again, maybe not.

For the full Tom McEnery interview with Ronn Owens click here.

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  1. I agree with most of what Ronn Owens said in that interview, that the Giant's shouldn't give up their territorial rights. And that Tom McEnery guy sounds a little arrogant.


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