Sunday, January 30, 2011

A Hollow Defense

The Mercury's Mark Purdy, consistently one of the most sensible voices in the A's-to-San Jose saga, yet again takes the Giants' Bill Neukom to task for his stonewalling: 

Neukom apparently lives in mortal fear that his team's grip on the locals is so tenuous, every Giants fan south of the county line would immediately become an A's fan if an American League ballpark is built here.

It is such a preposterous notion. It is why, with each passing day, the Giants' territorial claim to the South Bay becomes more difficult to defend.

Political analyst Michael Parenti once quipped that the last thing a capitalist wants is competition. Purdy echoes that sentiment:

All of this must make the Giants very happy. Their claims to the South Bay have always been about business and nothing else, despite Neukom's talk of San Jose being "the heart" of the team's fan base.

When the San Francisco Giants bought majority interest in the San Jose Giants minor league franchise, it was all part of that business plan because Neukom's group would be in position to receive millions if the A's move to the South Bay.

Nothing wrong with any of that. But the Giants should be honest and publicly admit what their strategy's ultimate goal is—which is to have the A's leave the Bay Area entirely.
Though the Giants' defense increasingly rings hollow, their tactics remain not only anti-competitive, but against the spirit of baseball. Indeed, they stand to seriously hurt the sport and its fans. Certainly their treatment of San Jose, as if it's some measly fifedom, is indefensible. San Jose is the A's last best hope in the Bay Area, period. Closing the Athletics' path to Silicon Valley only opens up another—and it leads out of state. The  Giants can have their World Series trophy, but that can't have that.
    You're up to bat, San Jose!

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  1. San Jose and South Bay cities should boycott the Giants if they stand in the way of A's moving to down town San Jose.


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