Monday, January 17, 2011

In Case You Missed It

On Friday news broke that Athletics owner Lew Wolff was interested in purchasing two parcels put up for sale by the San Jose Redevelopment Agency in their effort to raise money to complete the land acquisition for a downtown ballpark. The specific parcels are those linked to the Fairmont Hotel, for which Wolff owns: the 440-space garage under the hotel and the hotel’s annex retail area. It seems however that Lew isn’t the only one interested in the land purchase, so we will just have to wait and see. Click here for the full Mercury News story.

In other news, reports surfaced over the weekend that Oakland has more on their mind than just the Athletics. It seems that their Chief of Police Anthony Batts is a finalist for the same position in, yes you guessed it, San Jose. A final decision won’t be made until sometime in February, but could it be Oakland will get “the one-two” courtesy of San Jose should Bud Selig finally come out with a decision?

On the field, the Athletics continue to bolster their pitching staff with the recent acquisitions of Grant Balfour and Brian Fuentes. It seems they are all in for the 2011 season spending money to put together a team able to compete for the American League West title. While they have come up short in signing a big bat, it seems alternatively they will follow the example of their Bay Area rivals the Giants by winning with strong pitching. Given the Coliseums reputation for not being a hitter friendly ballpark, it seems they could have a pretty good season instore.


  1. Well, Chief Batts didn't get the job as San Jose's top cop. 0 for 1, San Jose. Now we'll wait for Bud Selig's decision that the A's are staying in Oakland, which will make it 0 for 2. 2 big whiffs for San Jose.

  2. That's seriously moronic. San Jose didn't chose Batts, NOT the other way around. Now you're stuck with a police chief who has undermined his own authority. That's a win for Oakland, one of the most dangerous cities in the country? No wonder he couldn't get out of that city fast enough. Unbelievable!

  3. No doubt, Oakland has their problems, but so does San Jose. SJ's murder rate is way up this first month. The rank and file cops are suffering over poor morale from controversial police shootings and arrests as well as allegations of overaggressive street policing and racial profiling. All this has the community upset too, and this new guy they picked will be the same old, same old. They need an outsider like Batts, and they blew it.

  4. San Jose could have 12 solid months of murders like that and it still would be less than Oakland's rate. The point is, youguys got a lot more to worry about than losing the A's. That team is a luxury for you guys, not a priority.

  5. Uh, excuse me, but it would also be a luxury for San Jose too, not a priority. Keep the A's where they've been for the last 43 years. They deserve a new yard in Oakland like SF got.


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