Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Must Have Been a Slow News Day

You might have read yesterday that Athletics owner Lew Wolff might be interested in purchasing the Los Angles Dodgers. Well, despite the excitement that ESPN's Buster Olney created when he wrote about it in his column, let it be known that it was only speculation most likely generated around this being the off-season and there not being much else to write about. This isn't a knock on Buster, whose diligent reporting we appreciate, just a fact.

More interesting to Bay Area baseball fans would be the news coming out of Arizona that Pablo Sandoval has dropped 17 pounds from his 5'11 frame. Great work Pablo, Jillian Michaels would be proud. Though Jason Turbow from The Bay Citizen isn't impressed.

Anyway, in case you are still concerned that Lew is abandoning all hope of moving the Athletics to San Jose and is headed to Los Angles, fear not. In a statement released by the Athletics, they simply said:

"There is no truth to this report. Mr. Wolff has no interest whatsoever in purchasing the Los Angeles Dodgers franchise. Furthermore, he has no knowledge of the source of any such rumor, and he has informed Major League Baseball and Dodgers ownership of his position."

So, with that being settled let's keep our eye's on the prize and focus on bringing the A's to San Jose.

With that said, it seems the news that the San Jose Redevelopment Agency plans to sell land to buy up the remaining property for a stadium downtown is all the buzz on the internet. Well at least according to the Google alert we created. At some point Commissioner Selig has to recognize that San Jose is in the best position to support the Athletics needs for a new a stadium. So hurry up already and make a decision.

On a parting note, Baseball San Jose would like to wish the all-time save leader Trevor Hoffman the best of luck as he ventures into another chapter of his life having announced his retirement today.

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