Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Not So Fast!

It seems that San Jose is making good on its promise to fight Governor Brown's plan to seize redevelopment funds. Tonight, the SJRDA and City Council moved swiftly to safeguard their assets. The Mercury reports: 

Fearing a decision to disband redevelopment agencies statewide might occur within days, the councilwhich acts as the agency's board of directorsvoted unanimously to give San Jose agency chief Harry Mavrogenes the authority to negotiate and execute any agreements for agency projects that had previously been signed off by the council. ... The vote also included agreements related to the agency's recent offer to sell six downtown parcels as a way to raise funds to complete a proposed ballpark site.

Not surprisingly, the SJRDA—the second largest redevelopment agency in California—is not alone in its efforts. Other agencies across the state are scrambling to secure their funds before Sacramento comes knocking. Nonetheless, San Jose, just two parcels away from completing its ballpark puzzle, remains in a strong position. If anything, the Governor's misguided proposal has only illustrated the city's skillful pursuit of the A's. San Jose remains on solid ground because of its unwavering commitment to bring the A's to town. That should be clear to not only MLB, but those who doubt that baseball can flourish in Silicon Valley. Now, there can be no doubt that San Jose has always been in it to win it.  

You're up to bat, San Jose! 

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