Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Jean Quan On the A's in Oakland

In case you missed it, yesterday morning Oakland Mayor Jean Quan appeared on the Ronn Owens Radio Show to discuss issues in her city. Of course a question regarding the Athletics came up and yes, of course, we here at Baseball San Jose were listening intently.

So let's go over why Mayor Quan thinks Oakland is in a better position than San Jose to build a stadium for the Athletics, and then of course where we think she's wrong.

1) "You have to remember that its Major League Baseball that decides where teams go and the Giants as far as I know are not at all in the mood to cede the South Bay territory".

Mayor Quan is in fact correct that Major League Baseball makes the final decision, but let's be clear that the Giants are only one of thirty teams in the league. In order to remove these rights and thus allow the Athletics to move, it would require a 3/4 vote of these teams or 23 (actually 22.5, but we'll just round up) to approve. The Giants therefore only account for one of the eight needed to deny a move.

2) "The San Jose redevelopment district is pretty much out of money. Mine actually is fairly well funded, if the governor doesn't take those funds".

While Oakland might be flush in redevelopment funds, Mayor Quan says it herself "if the governor doesn't take those funds". In San Jose most of the land needed has been purchased and they have plans to purchase the last few pieces to complete the proposed site. Oakland on the other hand has just now started the EIR process. So if the governor does successfully take redevelopment funds, San Jose will be just fine.

3) "Oakland is very well poised, and we have a big collaboration between private and public leaders in the city to keep the A’s in town".

How to respond. Oh, wait...

SVLG--MLB Commissioner Stadium Letter 9-8-10

(Interview begins at the 31 minute mark and the Athletics question at 45:30)


  1. Hmmmmm,so let's see, if I'm a team owner do A) let the A's move to San Jose, 40 miles farther from their nearest competitor, and get the team off MLB welfare or B) let them whither away in Oakland, keep them on MLB welfare, and let their nearest competitor continue to pound them into the ground?

  2. Oakland has more money bc they've barely spent a dime on their stadium plan. Tho maybe theyre smart to hold off bc no one seems to have much faith in their ability to deliver.

  3. Mayor Quan's referenced big group of private/public leaders includes a few A's fans, probably from Orinda, herself as Mayor, who joined the effort shortly after her 2010 "too close to call" election, and the CEO of Clorox, Oakland's closest thing to a Fortune 100 company at 384 and recently announced it will move 500 employees out of its headquarters in Oakland Pleasanton.

  4. @Kenny--if you're Lew Wolff, you sell and cash out, making a huge profit for 6 years of doing nothing. A local owner buys the team, commits to Oakland and the east bay, builds at the Victory and life goes on. A win-win for everybody.
    San Jose, being Giants country, will not support the A's in the long run. Just look at the Christmas parade. The Giants were the grand marshals, and the fans were gong nuts over the Giants players, and the poor A's players we're twiddling their thumbs, begging for autograph seekers.

  5. Hey jk USA (ala anon 955),
    This is Baseball San Jose, not "Let's Go Oakland"! No body here wants to hear that nonsense. Lew isn't selling, Victory Court isn't happening, and San Jose will soon be freed to pursue the A's and their players. You weren't even at SJ's Xmas parade!

  6. Who is this mystery local owner Oaklanders talk about? I don't know of anyone who's stepped up. Seriously name ONE willing buyer.


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