Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Lew Speaks Out

Last week Athletics owner and managing partner Lew Wolff appeared on Titillating Sports with Rick Tittle on Extra Sports 860 AM. Lew discussed a number of topics, including the upcoming season, the Athletics possible purchase of Extra Sports 860, the Oakland Coliseum upper deck tarps and our favorite topic, an Athletics move to San Jose.

As we all know, a move to San Jose is being held up by the San Francisco Giants territorial rights over Santa Clara County, and so you might think that Lew would hold some animosity towards them and their managing partner Bill Neukom. Well this couldn’t be further from the truth as Lew not only isn’t critical, but shares in the excitement of the Giants World Series victory saying that their success was “an added stimulus and quite a thrill”. Going even further he’s complementary towards Bill for following through on his vision for the Giants shared with him some years prior.

So where do we stand on a decision from Bud Selig? According to Lew we are getting closer to a decision, but there is still no indication of when it could come. Now again, you might expect a reaction from Lew to be less than kind as he has been waiting two years for a decision, again you’ll be disappointed as he says:

“He’s (Bud) contemplative, Socratic, I think the approach is fine. I would like it to go faster, but we’re patient.

It seems being frat brothers doesn’t even help drive a decision from Bud (they both attended the University of Wisconsin). As Lew quoted one owner in a conversation they had, “he treats the guys that bother him nicer that he treats a friend”. Hmmm…

No worries, we continue to be optimistic that when Bud does make a decision it will be for allowing the Athletics the opportunity to move to San Jose, as after thoroughly reviewing the facts they will show we have the best stadium plan and an enthusiastic fan base to support a professional baseball team now and into the future.

Click here for the entire interview.

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