Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Lew Wolff and Mike Crowley Stop by KLIV to Talk Baseball

Last night Athletics Owner/Managing Partner Lew Wolff and President Mike Crowley appeared on KLIV 1590’s The CEO Show with host Carl Guardino. Ok, so we know we wrote last week about Lew’s appearance on the Rick Tittle show, but we discovered some additional insight about an Athletics move to San Jose that you might find interesting.

As we all know, it has been almost two years (or four product cycles for a Silicon Valley company) since Commissioner Selig appointed his Blue Ribbon Committee to study stadium options for the Athletics for which their charge was to study options available in the Athletics territory (Almaden and Contra Costa Counties). So while we may be frustrated by their snail like pace, at least they've widened their scope. Of course the final recommendation will come from Commissioner Selig, and like Lew said, he is very "deliberative" and so like the 30 baseball owners, we will just await his decision.

Our very own Baseball San Jose Co-chair Michael Mulcahy called in during the show and asked Lew, “Beyond bringing baseball to downtown what do you envision and see for the future of downtown with the A’s being a part of that”, Lew’s response:

“I think a city, an urban city, especially the 10th largest city in the United Staes should have as its downtown a heart and the heart of the city needs, we think besides baseball if we are fortunate enough to get that, I think it will begat a lot of other things”.

We seem to all get so caught up with the stadium that we forget all the other great things that will come along with it (consider how area's have been transformed in San Diego, San Francisco and Baltimore) and so it sure is great to hear that Lew shares our committment to San Jose beyond baseball.

County Assessor Larry Stone (BOOOO!) also called in and asked what Lew thought the governor’s proposal to shut down redevelopment agencies would mean to a downtown ballpark. According to Lew not much since we are past the need in San Jose that we require a contribution from RDA. And what about those two parcels that still need to be purchased? No worries, because as according to Lew “we have other options”.

The interview touches on a number of other issues, including the Athletics 2011 season, Cisco's plans for implementing technology into a new stadium, and of course how GM Billy Beane is adjusting to his being portrayed by Brad Pitt in the upcoming move "Money Ball".

For the full interview, click here.

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