Monday, February 21, 2011

Santa Clara Attempts to Save Their Stadium Plan

San Jose isn’t the only local municipality in Santa Clara County looking to protect redevelopment money in hopes of building a professional sports stadium. As you probably know, last June Santa Clara voters approved an agreement between the city and the San Francisco 49ers to construct a 68,500 seat stadium. As part of the agreement the city would contribute $42 million dollars in redevelopment funds. Well, as you also probably know Governor Brown has proposed doing away with redevelopment agencies across the state and taking away their money.

In an effort to protect redevelopment funds, on Tuesday the City Council is planning to approve language that would “memorialize” language into the official deal. What they're hoping for is to show they have been crafting the proposal long before Governor Brown proposed nixing redevelopment agencies. It seems however that there is no Plan B in place if their attempts are ignored by the state and those funds are taken anyway.

(For the full Mercury News article, click here)

In San Jose we face our own concerns regarding the governor’s plans. However, we are lucky that the city had the foresight to begin the process of acquiring land for a proposed stadium long before the conversation of shutting redevelopment agencies was being had in Sacramento. Additionally, the city has already begun implementing a plan to purchase the remaining parcels through selling current redevelopment holdings and then using those proceeds to complete the site area.

The battle is just beginning on the future of redevelopment agencies, but lucky for us San Jose is in a much better position to save their stadium plans than it seems Santa Clara is.

In other news…

On an update of a story we wrote about earlier this year, it seems in fact that Pablo Sandoval has lost weight during the offseason which amounts to 38 pounds. He has also shed his body fat from 30% to 19%. Click here for the full article. Congratulations Pablo, now maybe the Giants can focus their energy on shedding their territorial rights over Santa Clara County.

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  1. That is going to be a beautiful stadium when they are done with it. San Jose needs that.


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