Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Show Must Go On

It seems Oakland Mayor Jean Quan has upped her public relations campaign to keep the Athletics in town having spoken to Tracy Seipel from the Mercury News as well as the KGO Morning News Show.

Mayor Quan continues to claim that Oakland is in a better position than San Jose to build a stadium for the Athletics. The facts however seem to contradict this claim:

San Jose


Support of Athletics Ownership

Completed EIR

Purchased Some or all of the Land

Now of course, we understand there is an issue of territorial rights over Santa Clara County that no manner of preparation can negate. As Mayor Quan said in the Mercury News:

"The reality is that even though you have land," Quan said of San Jose, "you still have not gotten permission'' from Major League Baseball to relocate the A's to San Jose. "My timeline is less urgent than your timeline," said Quan. "You are trying to woo them away, but the reality is the team is here."

Less urgent? Seems a bit misguided given that Governor Brown is proposing to shutter RDA’s across the state and take their money, and in Oakland’s case this would be $80 million needed to purchase land and relocate businesses. San Jose too would feel the effects if their RDA were shut down, however, unlike Oakland they refuse to sit back and just await the final outcome. Instead, they are aggressively pursing options to finish the land acquisition.

And yes, as if we had all forgotten, she is correct that the team is in Oakland. However, the city once again continues to take a not so urgent approach to building a stadium which has added to dwindling fan support (2nd lowest attendance in MLB last year). So, whether it is in San Jose or elsewhere (likely out of Northern California) the Athletics don’t seem to have a future in Oakland.

Credit to Oakland though for not giving up and fighting the good fight. It just too bad they've let their opportunity pass them by.


  1. one of the reasons the city has the second lowest fans support is because the owner is trying to move the team OUT of the city.

  2. No Jesse, that's not the reason Oakland has the second lowest fan support. When will you "Oakland-only" supporters finally put the blame for the A's leaving town where it belongs...WITH THE CITY OF OAKLAND! 16 years and they've finally only began an EIR process? My prediction is that the EIR will be the last thing the City of Oakland ever does for baseball.

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  4. Oakland gave up on the A's years ago

  5. But they're not giving up now. It's never too late. They have a mayor who's a fighter. She overcame great odds becoming mayor over a heavy weight politician, and she can do the same with this ballpark saga.

  6. How come pro Oakland posts get removed all the time on here? So much for freedom of speech.

  7. @ Anonymous 6:35 PM: There's no crying in baseball.

  8. @ Anon 1:49 PM: She hardly overcame great odds. She won because of O's funky ranked ballot system. Not exactly a mandate, she didn't even have the most votes. Even if she is what O needs to keep the A's, she's still too little, too late. O blew it years ago. This is all just a show on their part, man.

  9. @Kenny-couldn't disagree with you more. It's never too late. It's been two years since the panel started this thing, whats a few more as long as they get it right, and Oakland is the only way to go. San Jose isn't.


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