Monday, February 28, 2011

An Unalienable Right

This weekend the San Francisco Giants played a split squad spring training game with their hated rival the Los Angles Dodgers (Beat LA!), which got me to thinking.

As I've mentioned before, I am a Giants fan and have been since the late 80’s when Will Clark was covering first base and before the team
had exclusive territorial rights over Santa Clara County. My penchant for the Giants came of my own volition when I could have just as easily chosen the Athletics as my #1, a time when the
“Bash Brothers” were all the buzz around the Bay Area and the team was finishing the decade with back-to-back World Series appearances (beating the Giants in 1989). My loyalty has even taken me as far as to attend a Los Angles Dodgers home game decked out in Giants attire for which I endured hoots, hollers, boos and insults (this at the age of 10) all in showing my unwavering support for my team, the San Francisco Giants.

However, before being a Giants or Athletics fan, I am a San Josean that understands the economic benefits to the city of having a Major League Baseball team here, as well as the role it will have in raising our profile. And so, you can imagine how frustrated I’ve become at the Giants continuing to block the Athletics attempts to move to San Jose.

So how could I show the Giants that my being a fan doesn’t mean I have to give up my other affiliations just for the sake of appeasing a group of egomaniacs insistent on keeping me and the rest of my city in perpetual servitude to their every growing desire for more riches and championships? In doing so, I want to make sure that it will make a statement that doesn’t involve some gimmick that might cost me life, limb or my freedom, say like climbing to the top of the Golden Gate Bridge with a banner proclaiming, “Save me from my overbearing and oppressive masters the San Francisco Giants and lift their territorial rights to San Jose”.

No, it has to be something that not only expresses my disdain, but also, metaphorically, is a slap in the face. What to do. How to do it. Aha! Why not purchase a Los Angles Dodgers hat, and whenever the two teams play, proudly wear it atop my head and root for a team that in my being I despise if simply only because they are the Dodgers.

Yes, perfect!

And so, it is with some hesitation that I will do what Giants fans across the Bay Area will call heresy, I'll purchase a Los Angles Dodgers ball cap. I can’t say I’ll be proud doing this, but alas, the Giants continued disregard for San Jose fans desire to have a team to call their own has forced me to this dire stage of contempt. Until such time that the territorial rights issue is resolved, it might just be you see me somewhere in San Jose sporting my newly purchased cap. Proudly. Nope. But for a cause. Yes.

So if we should cross paths, please be forgiving and avoid pelting me with your Ballpark Frank or throwing your Budwieser in my face, for the blue cap upon my head I
wear for the sake of making a statement, simply put, San Jose is not Giants Territory, so free us from our shackles and allow us our unalienable rights of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of a Major League Baseball team.


  1. Well I would have to say you are so right about that.I think that baseball back in the early 90's was great to watch.


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