Monday, March 7, 2011

Not Just Talk

In case you thought my diatribe last week was just talk, I present you a photo of me posing (in front of the jersey's of the Giants most acclaimed players) with my most recently purchased Los Angles Dodgers hat. This will stand as my protest to the Giants obstructionism in our efforts to bring the Athletics to San Jose. I will wear it only when the Giants and Dodgers play one another and until the territorial rights issue is settled one way or the other.

Wanna join my efforts? Purchase your own hat or borrow one from a friend (or in the case of a Dodger hat, an enemy), take a picture and share it with Baseball San Jose on Facebook. You can also email your picture to and I will happily post it for you.


  1. Your walking on thin ice buddy. Trust me, this isn't the way for people to join you. Quit being a crybaby.

  2. San Jose's Biggest Fan!March 7, 2011 at 2:25 PM

    Higgins you glorious man you! This, and this alone, should swing the pendulum in favor of SJ. However much they are paying you, it should be doubled! What a mind you possess!

  3. I don't get it dude? An LA cap? Don't you recall the 1988 WS? Kirk Gibson's walk-off? Screw the Dodgers, screw the Giants!!
    Go Oakland A's!!

  4. The Giants have just 1 o f 30 votes, and absolutely no power to block the A's. It's Major League Baseball your beef is with. I think it's clear at this point, with a "shovel-ready project" in place but still no action by MLB except to keep working with Oakland on it's Victory Court plan, that the other 29 owners are not too impressed with the prospects for San Jose. It might be about time to give it up.

  5. i mean, i get hating on the giants. i think they basically suck and i don't like their attitude.

    but why not use this blog and your organization to familiarize the south bay with the a's. yes, there is a fan base here and everyone wants a new stadium, but there's plenty of folks who are on the fence... one minute they are giants fans, the next minute a's fans. you can't cheer for "all bay area teams" - just doesnt make sense. met's fans don't morph into yankees fans just because... let's keep it real. we either want the a's, specifically, or not.

    the a's could be on the verge of a really great season. there's all kinds of positive news about this team. tell us about that. generate some excitement about it. quit whining about what the giants might do about territorial rights, etc.

    an educated, enthusiastic fan base is much more attractive to everyone involved in the decision making process.

    just a thought and some feedback.


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