Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Time for the Giants to Man Up

On Saturday the Press Democrat published an article written by columnist Robert Rubino who wonders “Are Giants afraid of the big bad Wolff?”.

As we approach the two year anniversary since Commissioner Selig appointed a committee to study the Athletics stadium options, it’s apparent that the hold up isn’t the issue of a viable stadium site (San Jose has proven such with the site just South of the arena), but that the San Francisco Giants really are just a bit insecure. Rubino asks:

Are the Giants actually afraid some of their fans might switch their primary allegiance to the San Jose A’s? Doesn’t say much about their faith in their faithful, does it? And so what if, for whatever reason, some Giants fans in the South Bay became San Jose A’s fans? That would mean having to compete harder to win back those fans or work harder to attract new fans. And that’s unacceptable, why?

It seems after a season in which they finished as World Series champions, the Giants would have a bit more confidence in their fans, many of which suffered on cramped trains to make the trip to San Francisco for the celebratory parade. It seems the Giants might be afraid some competition will force them to work harder fielding a winning team to drive adoring fans to their ballpark. As the early 90’s showed, the Bay Area is accustom to having two winning teams and able to faithfully support both. And anyway, isn’t competition what we all strive for in professional sports and in this case, when it comes to business side, in Silicon Valley its what we thrive? As Rubino says, “If the Giants had any competitive cajones, they’d welcome the A’s to San Jose. They’d man up and say “bring it on,” and let the chips fall where they may.”

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