Thursday, April 21, 2011

Eyes on the Prize

This week, baseball fans were shocked to learn that Major League Baseball had assumed operations of the Los Angeles Dodgers. Fearing damage to the legendary franchise—mired in scandal over the messy divorce of owner Frank McCourt—MLB is even said to be considering forcing him to sell the team. Whether that happens remains to be seen, but it wasn't long before a rumor surfaced that A's owner Lew Wolff was a potential suitor for the Dodgers.

Wolff was quick to respond:

"I'm not interested in the Dodgers ... My focus is deep into getting us a new venue for the A's. That's where my long term is."

So, let's put this one to rest. Wolff remains committed. His eyes are still on the prize. And that prize, of course, remains San Jose. 

You're up to bat, San Jose!


  1. Who exactly is batting for San Jose? Wouldn't Selig be up to bat? Doesn't make a lot of sense really. Of course, a) posting stuff that anyone not living under a rock knows or b) irritating pro-Oakland fans doesn't make sense either. You're up to bat Paul Higgins!

  2. What a complete failure of leadership at MLB that by the spring of 2011 this hasn't yet been decided one way or the other. Miserable leadership, Bud.

  3. @Anon April 21: If you're gonna call out Paul Higgins by name, at least use yours. Man up, here. Don't be a coward who hides behind your computer screen.


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