Thursday, June 30, 2011

A Photo Op

You might recall that in May Mayor Reed sent Commissioner Selig a letter asking when he could expect a decision on territorial rights. As you know, the City of San Jose has already selected a site, purchased property, and completed an economic impact study. In short, the project is shovel-ready and just awaits the go ahead for conducting an election that would ask San Jose residents to approve construction of a ballpark. Alas, Mayor Reed has yet to get a response and it seems he’s becoming a bit antsy for a conversation and will just about resort to the most jovial of attempts to get it .

In today’s San Jose Mercury News, columnist Mark Purdy writes that Mayor Reed is considering a photo op with the commissioner, or at least with the statue of him that stands outside the Brewer’s ballpark in Milwaukee. Putting an A’s jersey on the statue, Mayor Reed would pose for a picture in an imaginary conversation.

Postulating about the committee formed to study the A’s stadium issue, Reed is quoted by Purdy as saying,

"I think they did all their work in six months," Reed said of the committee members. "And since then, it's been a dodge."

Mayor Reed’s frustrations are starting to make him wonder if it’s time to consider challenging Major League Baseball’s antitrust exemption granted to them in 1922. The process would have to start with congressional hearings, and while the Mayor hasn’t had conversations with San Jose’s local delegation, might it be just around the corner? Mayor Reed says,

"We haven't gone down that path. Not that we won't. But if Lew hasn't wanted to do it, we don't want to do it. I think Lew should be steaming angry."

While Lew isn’t steaming angry he has every right to feel as frustrated as Mayor Reed. One way or another, Commissioner Selig should be as diligent in dealing with the A’s stadium issue as he has been about the ownership issues surrounding the New York Mets and Los Angeles Dodgers. Baseball fans in San Jose and Oakland deserve a decision so we can enjoy the game on the field without the distraction of wondering where the A’s will next be playing.

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