Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Lew Wolff's Not Happy with Frank McCourt

As reported by the Los Angeles Times, Sunday Oakland Athletics owner Lew Wolff became the first MLB owner to call on Frank McCourt to give up his fight to keep the Los Angeles Dodgers franchise. As you probably know, Frank McCourt is in the middle of a nasty divorce that has brought up questions of money taken out of the team for his personal use. Lew was prompted to speak out after a lawyer for McCourt argued in court that money his client took out of the Dodgers was far less than that which Selig took out of MLB. Quoted in the Los Angeles Times, Lew says, "For anyone to seek to diminish Bud's accomplishments in order to rationalize their own actions is, in my opinion, ludicrous and hugely disingenuous.”

With a relationship going back 50 years to their days as college fraternity brothers it should be no surprise that Lew would come to the defense of his friend Bud Selig. Conspiracy theorist might suggest that Lew’s sudden interest in the Dodger situation probably means he has an interest in purchasing the team, despite months of denials. Or perhaps he is just trying curry favor with the Commissioner in hopes of getting a favorable decision on the Giants territorial claims to Santa Clara County, which have served to hinder his plans of moving the Athletics to San Jose.

Regardless of what you think Lew’s reasons are, one way or another let’s hope the Dodgers mess is sorted out quickly so it can stop being used as an excuse for continuing to delay a decision on territorial rights. It’s been over two years since Commissioner Selig formed his committee to study the Athletics stadium options and it’s about time we learned of its findings. For a franchise with the third most World Series wins and nine players in the Hall of Fame, it seems only fair that as one of baseball’s other storied teams, the A's should receive the same attention as the Dodger in ensuring its continued success.