Thursday, December 8, 2011

A Decision Seems Likely

Last week the anti-ballpark group “Stand for San Jose” filed a lawsuit against the City of San Jose claiming they failed to perform a proper environmental review of the land designated for a ballpark.  It seems oddly timed given the scattering of talk going on about a possible decision from MLB Commissioner Bud Selig on the Santa Clara County territorial rights currently held by the San Francisco Giants.  As you know, if those rights are overturned, it would open the door to the Athletics moving to San Jose.  If media reports are any indication, we could likely hear a decision as soon as January during the owners Winter Meetings—marking almost three years since a Blue Ribbon committee was established to study the Athletics stadium options.   Everyone seems to be chiming in on the Athletics stadium woes, including Chicago White Sox owner Jerry Reinsdorf who was quoted on Tuesday in a San Francisco Chronicle article as saying,  

I'm totally supportive of Lew getting a new ballpark and going to San Jose," Reinsdorf said. "He needs to be there. It has to come to a head soon.  

So should we really be surprised by "Stand for San Jose's" lawsuit?  According to San Jose Mercury News Columnist Mark Purdy, probably not:
Clearly, the Giants are afraid that Selig will soon decide against them. Otherwise, why file the lawsuit at all? Why not let the other MLB owners decide the right thing to do? Perhaps because, as Reinsdorf's comments demonstrate, the Giants already know what that decision will be.
The San Francisco Giants seem to see that the writing is on the wall and will do anything to prevent the Athletics from moving to San Jose and controlling its own destiny.  Why should the South Bay be deprived by the Giants selfishness, veiled in their suggesting impropriety by the Athletics and San Jose.  Their actions in themselves tend to contradict their claims of an organizations right to territorial exclusivity given the recent opening of a Giants Dugout store in Walnut Creek , slap-dap in the Athletics designated territory of Contra Costa County.  The Giants arrogance is just outright astounding.  
Note to Giants: It’s 2011 and the St. Louis Cardinals are World Series Champions.  So how about you stop toting that 2010 World Series trophy everywhere you go like it’s the Holy Grail and focus on getting back to the playoffs in 2012.     

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