Friday, December 23, 2011

Happy Holidays from Baseball San Jose!

We, here at Baseball San Jose, would like to wish our community of supporters all the best this holiday season. And though it may not come on Christmas morning exactly, we believe Santa will be very good to us very soon.


  1. I have read nearly everything on here and I cannot find mention of our current team, The San Jose Giants. What will become of them and their fans. Currently we can attend pro baseball for the same money as a movie. With the plan advanced on this site it will cost upwards of $200 for a family of four to sit in the cheapest seats. Will the Giants remain @ San Jose Muni? If MLB does not assign a team to San Jose, will the downtown site be available to the San Jose Giants organization?

  2. Sorry for the late reply, Anon. The fate of the SJ Giants, should the A's be allowed to move here, is entirely up to the SF Giants. No one in SJ hopes to land the A's at the expense of the SJ Giants. And it is not true, as the SF Giants have asserted, that if the A's come here the SJ Giants must go. Their fate is entirely controlled by their parent team, the SF Giants.


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