Saturday, December 17, 2011

The Painfully Obvious Conspiracy

Tonight, the Mercury's Tracy Seipel wrote about the seemingly shadowy group known as Stand for San Jose. But unlike Anonymous or Skull and Bones or The Secret Society of Super Villains, there really is no mystery here. Plain and simple, SFSJ is a front group for the San Francisco Giants. Apparently, the real secret is its membership. In fact, it's such a secret that even its own members don't know when they're representing the group in court, as was the case with SFSJ member Eileen Hannan. Only recently did she learn that she was a plaintiff in the group's lawsuit against San Jose. That's a curious way to run an organization, but when you're not really made up of anyone real, what can you expect?  

Ultimately, all of these are signs that the Giants are scared. Their grip on Silicon Valley is quickly loosening as signs point to a decision favoring San Jose within a month. The Giants' Santa Clara County territorial rights may soon be a thing of the past. And it is the truth that shall set them free. 

You're up to bat, San Jose!

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  1. The SF Giants have 1/30 voting share in MLB business. If San Jose were an actual reasonable location for a team, their dissent would be irrelevant. The proposed locations in Oakland are more appealing in countless ways to a fan. The real conspiracy is why A's ownership keeps pursuing the tiny ballpark in a small market at the fringe of the Bay Area, rather than working with the MLB commissioner's committee and the City of Oakland to a get a real ballpark built at Victory Court. If Mr. Fisher ever wants to leave the house and explain why he, a lifelong SF Giants fan, is ruining the A's franchise, I'd be happy to listen.


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